Welcome, Humans!


I don't know if it's cool to say "sup" still. But, who cares. Sup?

Welcome to my blog! The name's Morgan. I'm a writer, "older" Millennial, crazy cat lady, coffee addict, and a lover of all things Creepy-Cute.

What's Creepy-Cute you ask? Good question.

Creepy-Cute is a style. It's something I've always loved, that I've come to find is an actual thing! Whoot! It's a mash up of totally opposite things- the uncomfortable or unsettling mixed with sugary sweet, jewel toned adorableness.

Do you like skulls and unicorns? Then you may be Creepy-Cute.

Do you long for a Lisa Frank journal, but also like old things with weird vibes? Then you may be Creepy-Cute.

There are degrees to Creepy-Cuteness to be sure. I'm not a goth chic with black chain boots, fish nets, and white powder makeup with a rainbow bow in my hair (though that would be rad). I'm just a girl that lives in the in between. I like creepy stuff and I like cute stuff. I'm weird. If you're weird too, this page is for you.

This blog will be filled with short stories that aren't quite right for a full length novel. Many will be creepy, some will be sweet- others, well . . . you'll just have to see.

From time to time, I'll also be sharing odd things I fall in love with.

I'm glad you're here. Feel free to stay awhile.



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