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The Tale of Fred: Part 1- Finding Fred

  Fred was never loved- never loved the way a place should be loved. You could tell by looking at him; by the scratches on his bricks and the cracks in his foundation. Fred was built to be feared. I worked downtown, in a perfectly kept red brick building filled with perfectly painted walls and perfectly decorated tiny rooms. After awhile, I was lucky enough to be moved to one of the rooms with a window. It was easier, sitting at a computer inputting numbers, when I could look out at the world. I watched the tiny people walk along the streets from the fourth floor, all the while tap, tap, tapping at my keyboard. From my window, I could see Fred. The thing was though, for a long time I never saw Fred. He was always there, I'm sure, but amidst the parking garages, banks, and office buildings he was eclipsed. He must have been. It's possible that my attention was just too focused on the funeral home right outside my window- on the top story window that always

The Tale of Fred

A large part of why I started this blog was to share the story of Fred. Fred isn’t a person, it’s a place. Why Fred? Because even abandoned forgotten places deserve a name. In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the sad and beautiful tale of Fred. Stay tuned . . .

Creepy-Cute Wedding Hair Throwback!

Throw back, ummm Monday? Yeah, let's go with that. Since I'm new and ya'll are getting to know me, I thought I'd share a Creepy-Cute from way back. Here's my hair at my wedding back in 2013. It's mainly cute, I grant you that. I was going for an old fashioned, wild-yet-tamed sort of 'do.

Welcome, Humans!

Sup! I don't know if it's cool to say "sup" still. But, who cares. Sup? Welcome to my blog! The name's Morgan. I'm a writer, "older" Millennial, crazy cat lady, coffee addict, and a lover of all things Creepy-Cute. What's Creepy-Cute you ask? Good question. Creepy-Cute is a style. It's something I've always loved, that I've come to find is an actual thing! Whoot! It's a mash up of totally opposite things- the uncomfortable or unsettling mixed with sugary sweet, jewel toned adorableness. Do you like skulls and unicorns? Then you may be Creepy-Cute. Do you long for a Lisa Frank journal, but also like old things with weird vibes? Then you may be Creepy-Cute. There are degrees to Creepy-Cuteness to be sure. I'm not a goth chic with black chain boots, fish nets, and white powder makeup with a rainbow bow in my hair (though that would be rad). I'm just a girl that lives in the in between. I like creepy stuff and I